K10301_Cover_FinalFront cover of book showing PRODAN in glycerol at -80C (left) and +60C (right) illuminated with a UV handlamp



A piece of Lignum Nephriticum wood dropped into an alkaline solution and illuminated with a UV handlamp

Some participants at the 7th Weber Symposium – Kauai, 2008

Gregorio Weber and Enrico Gratton on the University of Illinois campus – circa 1980

David Jameson and Gregorio Weber – circa 1992


Joe Albanesi, Enrico Gratton and David Jameson discussing research


Cover of Analytical Biochemistry issue containing our phasor papers

Cover of cross-linking book

Seminar presented April 15, 2011 at Cornell University

Informal discussion group on tryptophan photophysics held at the 2011 Biophysical Society meeting in Baltimore.

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  1. I’m putting together a poster for outreach, can I use your photo wood drop in alkane solution, if I give you photo credit? Thank you,

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